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Public Shared Workspace at miLES Storefronts

Architecture Commons PLLC

miLES storefronts are a network of public shared workspace of multiple uses: co-working, classes, events, pop-up shops, and anything you can imagine. The untapped and seemingly minute spaces within our neighborhood are used as the most public frontier for the intersection of different forms of production within our society. Occupying in between the genre of coffee-shop and office: one public an...

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Let's POP-UP!

Ecole Spéciale d'Architecture

Let’s POP-UP! Unchangeable workplace drives us boring and makes us lose our passion to create. Actually, we will find that every space is not used at any moment in the office. When we sometimes don’t need them, they are still there, occupying and wasting space that is already limited. The workplace should have the alternative character. Our propose tries creating the workplace that can be fo...

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